Barilla crispbread on Camatec’s dough carousels

How do you handle a production line of dough? And how do you get a vessel measuring 4 cubic metres into a factory with normal doors? Those were two of the main challenges when Camatec recently supplied two new bread dough carousels to the Barilla crispbread factory in Filipstad, Sweden.

Barilla’s head of engineering set Camatec a tough assignment: “Deliver two modernised bread dough carousels on site and ready to go to work.”
Jonas Hermansson, the project manager from Camatec, got down to work.
“There was an existing model to consider, but we were asked to modernise it, so we added some new features,” he explains.

Two big challenges
The two trickiest parts of the assignment for Jonas and his team were tackling the characteristics of bread dough and the logistical problems of getting the large vessel into the site.
“As a material, dough is half way between being solid and liquid. It changes texture as the yeast gets to work, too,” he explains. “But we got a lot of help from the experienced staff in the Barilla engineering department, so we were able to solve those problems. The dough carousel is shaped like a cake tin, with an inner ring and an outer one. The rings move very slowly so that the dough, which has been kneaded and has started fermenting, is kept in motion until being fed onto trays where it will be rolled out and formed.

Coaxing through the doors
“We supplied the vessel, which measures four cubic metres plus a screw that feeds the dough into the forms along with several motorized features and monitoring platforms,” says Jonas Hermansson.
Problem number two emerged when it was time to transport the large vessel into the factory. This was achieved with help from Wipab of Grums, who welded together the two halves of the carousel, and from Svizza of Kil, who coaxed the two halves into place via a door high up in the building.
“It was quite a feat to thread the materials through the opening, but they managed it,” recalls Jonas Hermansson.

“A good, complete solution”
Hedbergs Mekaniska of Skattkärr and Sunne Svetsteknik were also involved as suppliers for Camatec’s compete solution.
“For me it’s enough to say that the equipment arrived on the agreed date and worked as intended,” says Brian Folkesson, who was satisfied with Camatec’s performance. “This wasn’t the first time we had Camatec in the building and it probably won’t be the last,” says Brian. “They won this order in competition with three or four other suppliers.”